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Ann or Dave Sheppard www.jadelajuniors.co.uk Jadela House 9 Peak Lane Fareham Hampshire PO14 1RP UK t: 01329 286870 e: jj@jadelajuniors.co.uk

About Us

We are a very small voluntary group (currently less than 20 members) of PACEY registered childminders. The group is currently administered by a couple of volunteers, Dave and Ann Sheppard. Any existing member is welcome to offer their services to contribute or take over running the group. All group members live or work in the Fareham area of Hampshire, UK.  An annual membership subscription is payable through your PACEY registration process each year by selecting to support your local group. Fareham Childminder’s Group are a Registered Charity Number 900447


01 Oct 15 Fareham Childminder’s Group has booked and paid for Funkidories (ex Moby’s) in Fareham from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday 22nd December 2015. The event is exclusively for members of the Fareham Childminder’s Group to invite their children/grandchildren and/or their childminded children/parents to a Christmas Fun Session. Everything is paid for so there is no cost to you or your guests. Funkidories have set a venue age limit of 11 years for the children to play. Funkidories have a maximum number of children permitted to attend so please book early - but at the very latest by 01 December 2015. Please email us a list of those you would like to attend.  We require the names and ages of all children and their parents. Please also note that parents will be responsible for their own children whilst attending. Please feel free to phone or email us for any further information.