Q1.    Are you registered with Ofsted?

Q2.    Are you PACEY members?

Q3.    How much do you charge?

Q4.    Are you qualified in Early Years Provision?

Q5.    What is an Early Years Professional?

Q6.    What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

Q7.    How many children are you allowed in your setting?


Do you publish your vacancies?

Q8.    Do you have planning permission to conduct your childminding business?

Q9.    Have you had an inspection from Environmental Health?

Q10.    How long have you been childminding?

Q11.    Do you offer Early Years Education (EYE) Provision?

Q12.    Do you have a waiting list for a placement in your setting?

Q13.    Do you have any other childminders or Early Years staff in your setting?

Q14.    Do you employ any staff in your setting?

Q15.    Are you a nursery?

Q16.    What schools do you drop off and pick up from?

Q17.    Can my child attend the setting if my child is ill?

Q18.   Are you Registered for Data Protection?

Q19.   Do you provide any training for other practitioners?

Q20.   Why are you called 'Jadela Juniors'?

Q21.   Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?


 Does Health and Safety prevent children playing?


 Do you publish your Policies on the web?


 Can I reproduce any of your images from this website?

Q25.  Do you publish any recommendations or references from parents?

Q26. Have you published a Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer?

Q27. How do you make play-dough or porridge oat play-dough?

Q28. What does ‘Outstanding’ actually mean?

Q29. Do you recommend any other childcare providers or settings?

Q30. Do you offer the additional (optional) 15 free hours per week?

Q31. Can my child bring a Packed Lunch?

A1.    Are you registered with Ofsted?

Yes, we are registered with Ofsted.  Ann and Dave have both, independently, achieved the highest grading possible - Outstanding in all categories.

A2.    Are you PACEY members?

Yes, we are currently members of the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) - formally known as the National Childminding Association. You can view our Public Liability Insurances, arranged through our PACEY memberships, below:  Ann’s Public Liability Insurance Dave’s Public Liability Insurance

A3.    How much do you charge?

Our fees are something we like to discuss with each parent individually as the charge to you is often dependent upon a number of factors like full-time or part-time cover, early/late/all-day requirements, length of time in the setting and whether or not you have a sibling who is also attending. We are fully aware that our hourly rates are higher than some other childminders in our area. If you are looking for the lowest fee possible then we are probably not the ones for you. However, if you are looking for the best child care you can find, total peace of mind whilst you child is with us, an exceptionally rich and diverse environment, carefully managed risk and excellent safety, complete reassurance, full reliability and outstanding communications? Then we offer a fantastic setting, unparalleled provision, exceptional childcare, we are extremely well educated in Early Years Development and Education, we are graded triple Outstanding by Ofsted, and we offer unmatched high quality experience. Sorry, but none of these qualities come cheap! In line with EYE regulations, we do publish a downloadable PROSPECTUS that gives more details.

A4.    Are you qualified in Early Years Provision?

The Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years are working towards all childminders having a minimum qualification at Level 3 (equivalent to 2 A levels). About half the registered childminders in England meet this requirement. Ann and Dave are both qualified at a much higher level than the current minimum requirement. Ann is Level 5 qualified having completed her Early Years Foundation Degree at DISTINCTION grade. Dave was one of the first male registered childminders in the UK to have achieved Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) at Level 6 and is also highly qualified at post graduate level 7 in IT.

A5.    What is an Early Years Professional?

The government wants to raise the standards in Early Years Provision by increasing the numbers of graduate qualified people involved in the education and planning of young children's development. The previous Government’s Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC) were the governing body that set up the training and examination of prospective EYPS candidates. Now, the present Government have put in place the Department For Education that has decided to phase out the Early Years Professional Status and create, in its place, Early Years Teachers. All existing  EYPs automatically became Early Years Teachers in September 2013.

A6.    What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

All children aged up to 31st August after their 5th birthday are within the age range of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This stage is designed to offer all children the best opportunity to meet and exceed their full potential. Every Early Years setting (including us) is required by law to be implementing EYFS for the benefit of the children in this age range.  

A7.    How many children are you allowed in your setting?

We are registered for 12 children. This is the maximum number permitted by Fareham Borough Council (FBC) and also through our Ofsted registration.

A7a.    Do you publish your vacancies?

Our vacancies are not published on this website. If you are interested in your child attending Jadela Juniors we will indicate if there is a vacancy available at the time of your enquiry.

A8.    Do you have planning permission to conduct your childminding business?

We hold a Certificate of Lawfulness to conduct our business issued by Fareham Borough Council as a result of a lengthy planning permission application.

A9.    Have you had an inspection from Environmental Health?

We were last inspected in January 2018 by Fareham Environmental health. The latest regulations and guidance are available from The Food Standards Agency and can be viewed here. There is also specific Information for Childminders.  

A10.    How long have you been childminding?

Ann has been childminding since 1979 and Dave since 2007.

A11.    Do you offer Early Years Education (EYE) Provision?

As accredited childminders we are authorised by HCC and professionally qualified to provide the EYFS EYE provision to eligible 2 year olds and 3 to 4 year olds. Eligibility is specified here.  Our setting is registered to offer this from 7am to 7pm Mon-Fri. Currently the provision is for a maximum of 570 hours per annum (38 weeks of 15 hours) free cover paid for by our local authority  Hampshire County Council.  We do not offer the government’s additional optional 15 hours free child care. In line with EYE regulations, we do publish a downloadable PROSPECTUS that gives more details.  (See also Q30. below)

A12.    Do you have a waiting list for a placement in your setting?

We know that some childminders maintain a waiting list or ask for a deposit for a place. We have made a decision to NOT offer either of these. We receive a number of calls each month and will indicate if a vacancy is imminent. If one has become available then this will be filled on an opportunity basis.

A13.    Do you have any other childminders or Early Years staff in your setting?

Previously, we have offered placements to Fareham College for Early Years Students to come into our setting to gain experience in working alongside us whilst we provide our childcare. This (unpaid) facility was offered because there is no substitute to actually working with children. Whilst the theoretical and academic work is very important, until you actually put that theory into practice with real children it makes little sense or meaning.

A14.    Do you employ any staff in your setting?

As we are self-employed Registered Childminders working in our own home we DO NOT employ any other staff. Very occasionally we may arrange temporary 'bank staff' cover whilst one of us is out of the setting on training or other business related activities.

A15.    Are you a nursery?

We are asked this question all the time. We are NOT a nursery we are very proud to be Registered Childminders working from our own home.

A16.    What schools do you drop off and pick up from?

We only pick up from and drop off to RANVILLES INFANTS and RANVILLES JUNIORS schools.

A17.    Can my child attend the setting if my child is ill?

As a childcare provider we have to abide by the Public Health England (PHE) Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings (updated 21 December 2017). The latest guidance information on Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities can be seen here. A summary of exclusions is provided as a table.

A18.   Are you Registered for Data Protection?

We are registered Data Providers with the Information Commissioner's Office [ICO]. Our current registration document can be viewed here. This means we have a duty of care for the data we hold on the children and parents in our setting. From May 2018 the regulations for Data Protection are changing and the UK will implement new EU wide legistlation. Dave completed a course on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 15 Jan 18.

Q19.   Do you provide any training for other practitioners?

We have previously offered training to Fareham College students through a scheme to allow the students to gain practical experience working in a childminding setting. We also deliver training  workshops covering ‘Schemas - Repeated Play Patterns’, ‘Heuristic Play’ and ‘Treasure Baskets’ for other childminders and Early Years Practitioners. Dave is a 'Mentor' to undergraduates working towards their foundation degree in childcare. He has supported many students from Chichester, Portsmouth and Winchester Universities and continues to do so.

A20.   Why are you called 'Jadela Juniors'?

Our home, Jadela House' has had that name since we moved into it in May 1992. The name Jadela (pronounced 'Jay Dell Ah' not 'Jade Lah') was made up by Dave from the first initial of family members James, Ann, Dave, Elizabeth, Laura-Ann.  When Dave and Ann decided to work together as Registered Childminders in 2007 we, with our daughter Elizabeth’s help, came up with the idea for calling ourselves Jadela Juniors.

A21.   Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?

Yes we do. We are registered with several of the childcare voucher schemes and accept payments from them. If your company or business deals with a voucher provider we are not yet registered with then it is not a problem for us to become registered with them. Currently you are able to draw a maximum of £243.00 per month towards your childcare fees through the scheme. Please note, Childcare Vouchers are changing to Tax-Free Childcare. Visit our News Page for more information.


 Does Health and Safety prevent the children playing?

There are so many urban myths about Health and Safety affecting the way we conduct our lives. Thankfully, the Health and Safety Executive ran a campaign until from 2007 to 2010 dispelling a H&S myth each month with a fabulous cartoon graphic. You can see the  myths here.  They went to great lengths to squash.  We take the safety of our children really seriously, but that does not prevent us encouraging them to experiment, play, explore, take risks, discover, and investigate. Whilst we attempt to continually mitigate as many risks as possible. Such as, ensuring the sharp knives and scissors are in a secure drawer, or the household cleaning materials and fluids are kept out of sight and reach, or that the area under the climbing frame in the garden is filled with school quality bark. We do not prevent the children from using scissors and knives under supervision, we encourage them to participate in all physical activities like swinging, climbing, jumping. We especially encourage the children to take responsibility for their own safety by educating them in all aspects of danger, risk and hazard. Learning these life skills from early in their childhood builds a life-long understanding of the hazards and dangers we all face every day, whilst encouraging learning safe limits to play, fun and adventure.


Do you publish your Policies on the web?

We only publish the list of policies we hold. Our policies are all produced as either printed media or preferably by PDF and emailed to parents.


Can I reproduce any of your images from this website?

No, all of the images that appear in our website are the copyright of Jadela Juniors and may NOT be reproduced or used by any third parties without express written permission from us. All images on this website were taken by us and all images including a child are published on our website with written permission from respective parents for us to display them solely on our website.

A25. Do you publish any recommendations or references from parents?

We have never particularly felt the need to publish the dozens of glowing testimonials we have collected over the years. As so many of our children are from direct recommends, we are happy to offer these to prospective parents to read if they feel the need for further evidence of the services we provide. We made a slight exception to this practice as we have achieved our third consecutive Outstanding grade by adding a few recognitions of congratulations from our parents on our NEWS page.

A26. Have you published a Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer?

The SEND Local offer is a Government requirement that needs to be published by September 2014. We published our SEND Local Offer on 9 November 2014 when the local authority system went live.

A27. How do you make play-dough or porridge oat play-dough?

A good recipe for play dough is available from the Playdoughrecipe.com website. We also recommend the Porridge Oat play dough at The Imagination tree website.

A28. What does ‘Outstanding’ actually mean?

The Office for Standards in Education [Ofsted] use a grading system where the highest possible rating is Outstanding in All Areas.  To achieve this grading requires the childcare practitioner to meet the highest possible standards set out in the Ofsted Inspection handbook. The figures below are extracted from Ofsted’s own published records. Approximately 13% (6547) of all (49,500) registered childminders have currently achieved at least one Outstanding Grade. The following graphs are extracted from Ofsted’s Early Years Inspections 2015 report. Meeting the standard on two consecutive inspections is less common at 2.2% (1145). Completing three Outstanding grades, at consecutive inspections, is rarer than hens teeth! We could only find thirty-one other childminders in England, and only one other in Hampshire, who have currently managed this amazing achievement. Bearing in mind there are about 50,000 childminders registered in England - this is no mean feat. So how is it done? Not easily that’s for certain. Amongst the areas you must excel at are: continuous self-evaluation continuous professional development and learning aiming for excellence in every aspect of your provision maintaining robust, effective policies that are understood, implemented and current managed, assessed and implemented risk policy being devoted, dedicated and accommodating ensuring the safety, care and education of your children implementing Observation, Assessment and Planning maintaining effective records of information maintaining effective learning development records planning for an individual child’s next steps ensuring each individual child is developing towards school readiness. completing a mandatory two-year-old assessment on all children within their second birthday year working effectively in partnership with our parents communicating effectively with both male and female parents leading practice and promoting best practices working in partnership with external authorities and professionals maintaining all Safeguarding related qualifications like Paediatric First Aid / Safeguarding Children holding appropriate professional insurance policies considering, completing and implementing your SEND policy statement promoting British values  So please understand, when we say we are Triple Outstanding we are justly proud of our achievement and take heart that we are at the forefront of excellent childcare provision in England.

A29. Do you recommend any other childcare providers or settings?

Sorry, but we do not ever recommend any other childcare setting or provider as we cannot ever guarantee how their childcare provision is without first hand experience. Anyone can access Hampshire’s Family Information Service to find childcare in their area. A30. Do you offer the additional (optional) free 15 hours per week? Unfortunately, the current funding being offered by the government and Hampshire is far less than our hourly rate and would equate to our making a loss of approximmately £100 per month per child if we were to accept this underfunded proposal.  It is with regret that we cannot viably offer the optional additional 15 hours on top of the current mandatory 15 hours per week. We hope parents understand, whilst we appreciate they would benefit from this support, that we cannot agree to this. We ask parents to consider if they would be prepared to take an optional £100 pay drop per month and to lobby their MP to improve the hourly rates on offer? The government are very quick to throw large numbers of funding at anyone questioning this proposal, but the reality is that many childcare businesses (and childminders in particular) are already working at the barest minimum rates possible to maintain their settings, and this additional pay cut is the final straw that breaks the camel’s back!  Please note this does not affect the mandatory EYE hours (see Q11.) A31. Can my child bring a packed lunch? The simple answer is NO. Jadela Juniors have always had a policy of providing well balanced, nutritional home cooked main meals for all children in the setting. This is fully supported by Public Health England and their recent publication of sample Healthy Menus for Early Years Settings. As such, we do not permit any child to have a packed lunch. Early Years children need to have a healthy, varied diet to grow and develop and we, at Jadela Juniors, do all we can to promote this.

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