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Hi, thanks for finding us. We both continue to regularly test ourselves with the approved COVID home testing kits and have remained clear of COVID throughout. Please note that despite the continuing easing of COVID-19 restrictions we choose to remain vigilant in line with the advcice from Hampshire County Council. The Government and Local Authority offer advise for childcare settings and our personal safety. We are trying our best to make life safe and secure and we want to reassure everyone we are doing our utmost to minimise the risks COVID-19 threatens to us all. For your safety and ours please continue to wear a face covering when on our driveway and at our front door. Thank you for your cooperation. We are Dave & Ann Sheppard (Jadela Juniors), registered with Ofsted, graded Outstanding in all areas, and are both Childminders working from our home. Jadela House, 9 Peak Lane, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 1RP, UK. Ann Sheppard Ofsted Registration No 151014 Dave Sheppard Ofsted Registration No EY380154 Ann has been childminding continuously since 1979, and from our current address Jadela House in May 1991. Dave began childminding in 2007 after careers in the Royal Navy and as an IT Consultant. We are now Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ at our last FOUR Inspections Our setting also has Local Authority approval for 12 children. We are an accredited Early Years Education (EYE) provider and currently able to offer up to 15 hours, Government funded free EYE provision per week to those eligible children in the 2 year old scheme and all 3 to 4 year olds. Jadela Juniors provides first class child care from birth to elevenish! Our Registered Childminding Services are in the PO14 area of Fareham, Hampshire and within easy reach of areas around the town like Stubbington & Titchfield. We drop off and pick up locally from Ranvilles Infant School and Ranvilles Junior School only. Would you like to arrange a visit or meeting? Please email us or phone Ann or Dave Sheppard today on 01329 286870. For more information please check out all our website pages. You may want to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where you may answer many of your likely queries. Welcome to Jadela Juniors and thank you for visiting. Please have a browse.
Achieving and Maintaining Excellence We cannot over state the immense effort we both go to, to maintain, enhance and ensure the excellent reputation we have built over so many years.  It is not by chance that we have managed to achieve FOUR consecutive Outstanding grades from Ofsted.   We strive for excellence in every sphere of our provision. Everything from our home, our facilities, our ethos, our levels of commitment to our parents, our Continuous Professional Development and of course, the care of our children.  ‘We begin at Outstanding and aim upwards from here.’
Osfted Quadruple OUTSTANDING grades We are very proud to have been graded Outstanding (in all inspection categories) on the previous FOUR inspections, these were in 2007, 2009, 2016 and 2020. Our latest inspection took place on Thursday 6th February 2020. Quadruple inspections ‘Outstanding’ grades takes an immense effort, on our part, and we are so pleased the Ofsted Inspectors have recognised the lengths we go to for our children and families.
Why are we called Jadela Juniors? The name Jadela was made up by Dave in 1991 as an acronym of the first letters of our family members James, Ann, Dave, Elizabeth & Laura-Ann. At that time we named our new home, here at 9 Peak Lane, Jadela House. With us both electing to work together in 2008, as childminders, we decided to call ourselves Jadela Juniors. Whilst we remain individually registered, we decided to use the name Jadela Juniors to describe our home childcare. The name Jadela is pronounced 'Jay Dell Ah' not 'Jade Lah'
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Jadela Juniors Childminding, Jadela House, 9 Peak Lane, Fareham, Hants, PO14 1RP      Tel. 01329 286 870       Mail.
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